Your Network in Real-Time

Sandvine's solutions provide unparalleled real-time visibility into your campus network for quality assurance, planning, and prioritized services for students and faculty. Our use cases ensure that your network meets the expectations of your entire campus while minimizing cost and administration overhead. With students on the leading edge of video streaming (and piracy), cloud gaming, and social sharing, ensuring accurate classification of traffic in the era of encryption on campus networks is beyond the capability of existing solutions. Sandvine’s education use cases provide automated real-time management of network resources, ensuring mission critical applications receive the bandwidth they need and that network performance is monitored in real-time and historically with Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence Portal.


Network Performance Monitoring and Analysis
Monitor network performance and quality indicators
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Subscriber Service Analysis
Analyze subscribers and services to detect new trends
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Video QoE Analysis
Analyze user perception of video performance based on video-centric QoE metrics
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Gaming QoE Analysis
Analyze critical gaming QoE metrics

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Education Network Solutions

Our Technology

Sandvine's Insights Product Family aggregates the intelligence collected from your entire network and visualizes it based on the use case deployed on your network.
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Data Plane Products
Sandvine’s ActiveLogic equips operators with a simplified, hyperscale, automation-ready data plane to tackle the next era of network challenges.
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Control Plane Products
Next generation control plane for automated networks.
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Sandvine’s iQ platform allows operators to take advantage of the benefits of moving through the phases of their cloud journey without sacrificing performance.
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