Xplornet is Canada's leading rural broadband provider. Despite the challenges posed by Canada's vast geography and large number of rural residents, Xplornet has deployed the country's first national 4G network by leveraging both fixed-wireless towers on the ground and next-generation satellites in space. 

The Challenge

As subscriber usage trends evolve, service providers like Xplornet are proactively keeping pace. With Xplornet’s deployment of 4G technology, and the speed and bandwidth that it allows, the company needed an intelligence layer to measure quality of experience for their customers; especially for those using applications such as streaming video.

The Solution

Xplornet was one of the first operators to launch Sandvine’s Network Analytics product in 2011 in order to better understand the usage behaviors of the users on their network, and relies on the Real-Time Entertainment Dashboard to gain crucial insight into the network impact and subscriber experience of real-time applications on the Internet.

Access Technologies
4G, Satellite
Xplornet provides high-speed broadband services to subscribers across Canada.

"With Sandvine’s Network Analytics product, we will have intelligent, real-time visibility into how our network is performing with respect to the activities that are increasingly critical for our customers."

David Miles
Chief Network Officer
Xplornet Communications

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UPDATED : 2017-05-19 14:09:57