Solutions for WiFi Networks


WiFi networks address and enable many important use cases:

  • Increasing brand recognition by providing WiFi coverage zones, whether for pay or for free
  • Offloading mobile traffic to preserve radio access network capacity
  • Providing Internet access at large events and in arenas, stadia, and other communal locations
  • Offering business patrons complimentary or purchased WiFi services
  • Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) as an alternative to mobile (e.g., 3G and LTE) voice

In fact, WiFi is so ubiquitous that it’s more of a surprise when WiFi service isn’t available somewhere than when it is.

This extensive coverage is thanks to the WiFi providers who, over the years, have invested heavily to add new zones and increase available bandwidth. For providers, WiFi is their whole business; for others, it’s one aspect of a multi-access network and strategy.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many WiFi providers to help them manage their networks profitably. Deploying our solution in a WiFi network is easy, and allows the WiFi provider to take advantage of our full range of solutions.

Popular Solutions for WiFi Providers

While our customers rely on us to satisfy a wide range of use cases across a number of solution areas, our WiFi customers often focus on:

Business Intelligence

To learn how WiFi users actually use the WiFi network, to monitor their quality of experience for vital applications and services, and to examine aggregate trends to identify new service and optimization opportunities.

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Traffic Optimization

To maximize the quality of experience to get the most out of the available bandwidth by accelerating TCP, precisely managing network congestion, and enforcing fair use policies.

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Subscriber Engagement

To manage connectivity/log-ins, to show sponsors’ advertisements, and to ensure brand exposure.

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