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The market for providing Internet services in South Africa is incredibly competitive, with a number of operators vying for subscribers.

Vox Telecom entered the party in 1998, and since then has established itself as an innovation leader by continually pushing the envelope with exciting new services.

The Challenge

To compete against bigger players who had a long head start, Vox needed to achieve differentiation in the eyes of consumers. Only by being different could they can give subscribers a compelling reason to switch service providers.

The Solution

Vox chose a combined approach to achieve differentiation:

  • Differentiate the services themselves by providing unique features and benefits
  • Use innovative promotions to draw more attention to these services and to give subscribers another reason to try them out

By working with Sandvine, Vox has been able to deliver to this strategy. In fact, Vox has become a global leader in terms of service innovation for fixed access services through things like:

  • Wildfire DSL Promotion: To promote their Wildfire ADSL service, Vox launched a promotion with a local retailer, Look & Listen. When Vox subscribers purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops II, they received a promotional code that upgraded their DSL service and gave them an extra 40 GB of data.
  • Million Megs Promotion: In 2014, Vox teamed up with another local retailer. This time, they promoted their Fat Pipe ADSL service by giving away “1 million megs” of additional data quota to subscribers who purchased a Samsung Smart TV at Makro.
  • Data Rollover: In 2014, Vox became one of the first operators in the world to include data rollover in their services. This practice provides fantastic differentiation and builds subscriber loyalty.

All three of those services relied on Sandvine’s powerful and flexible policy control platform, and our integrated quota manager.

Success Story: Vox Telecom Sets the Gaming World on Fire

Gamers hotly anticipated the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, with many pre-ordering months in advance. Those who pre-ordered from Look & Listen, a local retailer, received a unique code; when entered into a Vox Telecom portal, this code instantly upgraded the gamers to Vox’s Wildfire ADSL service for a month and gave each 40 GB of free data.

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Success Story: Vox Telecom Gives A Million Reasons For Subscribers to be Happy

When a consumer in South Africa walks into a Makro store to look at TVs, they can’t help but notice a great promotion: buy any Samsung smart TV and receive one million megabytes on Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe ADSL service.

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Success Story: Vox Telecom Rolls Over the Competition

To stand out in a competitive marketplace, Vox Telecom out-innovates their competition. Here’s one example: as a standard feature within their Fat Pipe ADSL plans, Vox carries forward unused portions of a subscriber’s monthly data quota, indefinitely, as long as the subscriber remains under contract.

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DSL, Fibre, 3G, Satellite
Vox Telecom provides fixed and mobile Internet services to businesses and consumers.

"The ability to deliver optimal broadband and innovative services to subscribers, regardless of the access technology, was a key driver for our selection of Sandvine."

Douglas Reed
Executive Head of Strategy and Innovation
Vox Telecom

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