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Afrihost Turbocharges the Internet

Subscribers receive 300 free Turbocharge minutes a month.

O2 Customers Hear the Sound of Music

O2 customers receive unlimited music streaming on select plans.

Digicel Wireless Delivers Free Basics by Facebook

Free Basics and Digicel, it’s not complicated.

VivaCell-MTS Optimizes Subscriber Traffic

Solutions improve network performance and make all subscribers happy.

VivaCell-MTS Offers a Zero-Rated Perk

Unlimited off peak usage improves network efficiency and benefits subscribers.

VivaCell-MTS Offers Free Calls to Friends and Family

Innovative new subscriber plan zero-rates Skype data.

Eastlink Delivers High Quality VoLTE

Sandvine’s PCRF ensures exceptional call quality.

I-New Enables weex to Share a Data Plan

weex and Coca-Cola sponsor free data usage for customers.

Tigo Debuts a new Netflix Original Hit

New groundbreaking Tigo offering brings free Netflix to customers.

I-New Enables Innovative New MVNO in Mexico

weex lets customers fully customize their mobile plans.

TextNow Helps Mobile Customers Save and Do More

Bringing innovation and cost savings to the mobile market through a virtualized platform.

GTT Invites Everybody to Connect

GTT’s “Free Basic 4G Services” provides free access to educational websites.

GTT is on a Roll

GTT enables rollover data for mobile customers.

GTT Gets Social with Facebook and WhatsApp

New data plans zero-rate Facebook and WhatsApp traffic.

Paratus Telecom Helps Customers Stay Connected

Innovative ’Pulse’ plan includes zero-rated Facebook and WhatsApp.

SITAONAIR Brings Quality Internet Experiences to 30,000 Feet

When it comes to internet connectivity, the sky’s no longer the limit.

Telecom Italia Elevates the Customer Experience

Sandvine plays a key role in Telecom Italia’s service operations center (SOC) and customer experience management (CEM) platforms.

TWT Protects Service Quality

Precise congestion management protects quality of experience.

Paratus Telecom Gives Subscribers Their Flix

Innovative LTE plan includes 100 GB of Netflix data.

VMedia Blocks DDoS Traffic to Protect Subscriber QoE

Sandvine’s Network Security prevents service disruptions by blocking DDoS

O2 UK Optimizes Video Quality

Telefónica O2 UK used business intelligence.

UbiScope Delivers Cloud-Based Network Services to South Korean Businesses

UbiScope leverages Sandvine to expand their value-added bsuiness services.

GCI: Delivering Shared Usage Plans

GCI trusts Sandvine to help them out-maneuver the competition.

GCI Keeps Subscribers up-to-date on Data Usage

GCI Mobile Usage Viewer app lets subscribers stay on top of mobile data usage.

O2 UK Boosts Revenue with Roaming Plans

Telefónica O2 UK offers subscribers mobile roaming options.

O2 UK Gives Subscribers More Choice

Telefónica O2 UK combined subscriptions and bolt-ons to increase options.

O2 UK Takes the Shock Out of Bills

Telefónica O2 UK provides subscribers with timely usage notifications.

C Spire Adds More Value to Their Wireless Services

C Spire offers free adult content filtering as a value-added service.

nTelos Launches LTE

nTelos used the opportunity to overhaul their Subscriber Services delivery.

nTelos Optimizes Media Delivery

Bandwidth was reduced by 18% without impacting subscriber quality of experience.

nTelos Relieves Data Anxiety

Zero-rating software updates let subscribers relax.

I-New Enables New Latin American MVNO

Latin American MVNO launches with the agility to take on incumbents.

Webbing: Manageable Mobile Roaming for Global Businesses

Webbing enables disruptive data roaming in more than 170 countries.

Cable Bahamas Uses Sandvine to Plan Capacity

Sandvine Business Intelligence takes the guess-work out of capacity planning.

Econet's Facebook Experiment Pays Off

Facebook bundles that work. Designed for Econet, Powered by Sandvine.

Econet eradicates barriers to digital education

Econet Zero provides free access to world-class education content.

Econet Knows Exactly How to Delight Their Customers

WhatsApp Plans that Work. Designed by Econet, Powered by Sandvine.

Econet Goes to the Opera

Opera Mini plans that work. Designed by Econet, Powered by Sandvine.

Comcast Gives Everyone a Fair Share of Bandwidth

Comcast maximizes quality of experience with precise congestion management.

ClearSky Achieves a World First

ClearSky delivers hosted policy control solutions on Sandvine’s virtual platform.

Free Mobile Maximizes the Subscriber Experience

TCP acceleration boosts data speeds and improves application performance.

Digicel Wireless: A Lesson in Being the Best

When Digicel set out to create the best network in the Caribbean, they chose Sandvine.

Telefonica: The World's Most Famous Application Tiers

Telefónica tapped into demand to grow revenue in low-ARPU markets.

Tigo: Solving the OTT Dilemma with Smartapps

To increase data and smartphone usage, Tigo built plans around OTT services

Smart Communications: Getting Mobile Customers Using Data

Innovative Bite-Size and Time-Based Plans? Now that’s Smart.

Vox Telecom: A Million Reasons For Subscribers to be Happy

Vox teamed up with Samsung, Sandvine, and Makro to reward subscribers.

Vox Telecom: Setting the Gaming World on Fire

To attract users to their Wildfire ADSL service, Vox innovated with Sandvine.

Vox Telecom: Rolling Over the Competition

Vox and Sandvine bring rollover data to South Africa’s DSL market.

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