Smart Communications

Since its founding in 1991, Smart Communications has become the Philippines' leading wireless provider with more than 50 million subscribers on their 3G, HSPA+, and LTE networks.

Smart has built a reputation for innovation through the introduction of several world-first wireless offerings, including the launch of the first LTE network in the Philippines, and are continually looking for ways to cater to the unique demands of their market.

The Challenge

In the Philippines, the majority of mobile subscribers are on prepaid plans and restrict data usage to when they are connected to a WiFi network. As many subscribers aren’t clear on the differences between a GB and a MB of data, this keeps their data costs predictable, but also prevents them from having “always-on” access to their favorite applications.

Smart looked to create a solution allowing subscribers worry-free use of their mobile data outside of WiFi zones through time-based, "bite-size" mobile Internet plans.

The Solution

Enabled through Sandvine’s Quota Manager, a feature set of Sandvine’s Usage Management product, Smart developed a service called “PowerApp”—the world’s first mobile Internet store that gives subscribers the power to choose the perfect mobile data bundle for them for worry-free Internet access and incredible affordability.

PowerApp offers users service plans such as Email, Chat, Photo, and Social packages in 15-minute, 3-hour, or per-day unlimited access, depending on the particular application and plan, for an incredibly low fixed price.

Smart’s growing base of prepaid subscribers are now able to buy their mobile data the same way they buy applications: by clicking their desired apps directly on their device to create a completely customized mobile Internet experience.

Success Story: Smart Communications Gets Mobile Customers Using Data

For many mobile subscribers, volume-based data charging isn‘t easy to understand. For Smart Communications, this meant that many of their customers weren’t using mobile data at all. Instead, they would jump between WiFi hotspots.

By introducing convenient, affordable, bite-size and time-based specific plans, Smart tapped into a new revenue stream by getting millions of subscribers to start using data.

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Smart Communications provides Internet services to over 50 million mobile subscribers.

"Sandvine’s Usage Management solution enabled us to create innovative service plans that are highly-valued by our customers, so they can keep posting, liking and tweeting everywhere they go, making the experience truly mobile."

Michele Curran
Data and International Services Head
Smart Communications

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