O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider, according to Ofcom.

The Challenge

The reality of smartphones and international travel, as well as new regulatory legislation, prompted O2 UK to seek an accurate and effective way of protecting their subscribers from bill shock. Bill shock is a common complaint for subscribers with postpaid mobile data service, occuring when a service is used for which additional charges are levied, unbeknownst to the subscriber.

Not knowing the cost of specific services has the potential to result in unanticipated massive bills that subscribers are often unwilling or unable to pay. Subscribers contact their service providers, and charges are frequently waived. Service charge waivers result in revenue loss in addition to the operational cost of the customer care calls. In the case of large bills due to data roaming, these revenue waivers and additional service costs are quite substantial.

As such, O2 UK also seeked a roaming data management solution for their network to increase revenue and support a positive subscriber experience by introducing advanced roaming packages, including real-time usage counting and prompt subscriber notification for advice of usage.

The Solution

To mitigate subscriber bill shock, Sandvine was chosen to deliver carrier grade services complete with record generation and real-time subscriber notification within a self-contained platform. Sandvine’s on-wire flow evaluation and metering means subscribers are immediately aware of their status, preventing bill shock. This capability allows Sandvine to offer operators the ability to notify subscribers of their current usage by displaying a real-time watermark in the web browser.

To effectively manage subscriber roaming data, Sandvine delivered four capabilities to O2 UK: the ability to detect roaming and accurately measure usage; an interface for subscribers to select and configure their roaming plan or opt-out of the limits; the ability to trigger enforcement actions such as subscriber notification, advise of usage, and traffic shaping; and a rapid means of deploying new services and bolt-ons to adapt to changing market conditions.

Success Story: O2 UK Takes the Shock Out of Bills

Bill shock—a situation in which a postpaid subscriber receives a shockingly large bill—is an industry-wide problem for communications service providers and subscribers alike. When O2 UK needed a solution, they chose Sandvine.

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Success Story: O2 UK Gives Subscribers More Choice

Beyond being able to choose from a multitude of new services that cater to usage habits, subscribers are able to use those services without fear of bill shock, confident that they will receive a notification and an opportunity for top-up when their usage approaches its limit for the period.

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Success Story: O2 UK Boosts Revenue with Roaming Plans

The realities of smartphones and international travel, as well as new regulatory legislation, prompted O2 UK to seek an accurate and effective roaming data management solution for their network.

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Success Story: O2 UK Optimizes Video Quality

In August 2011, network engineers at O2 UK noticed significant traffic spikes at different times of day. These spikes showed two peaks separated by a central trough, and their sudden appearance coincided perfectly with the launch of a highly anticipated video application for a popular smartphone.

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O2 provides mobile broadband services to over 10 million subscribers across the UK.

"As a global company, Telefónica’s network insight and business intelligence is key to understanding how we can better serve our vast subscriber base worldwide. Working with Sandvine since 2008 has brought us closer to understanding and acting on the needs of our customers, while improving revenue opportunities and the cost-effectiveness of our network."

Vicente San Miguel
Telefónica Corporate

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