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The mobile Internet has changed how we live and work: for some subscribers, mobile data is a welcome convenience; for others, it’s a life-changer.

Different access technologies (e.g., LTE, 3G, Mobile WiMAX) and payment models (e.g., prepaid, postpaid, pay-as-you-go) combine to create a diverse mobile market, and mobile network operators (MNOs) are always pushing technologies and services further.

"Sandvine’s leading business intelligence and service innovation capabilities enable us to better understand emerging trends on our network and act quickly to rapidly introduce new, innovative services that are highly-valued by our customers and that give us a competitive edge in our market."

For many years, we’ve worked with MNOs to help them achieve their business goals; in fact, roughly half our revenue comes from the mobile market.

Our large or multinational customers Telefonica, Digicel, Millicom, Etisalat, SMART, and others often garner the headlines, but we’re just as adept at meeting the specific needs of our regional customers C Spire Wireless, GCI, VivaCell, Econet, and more.

Success Story: Digicel Wireless Delivers Free Basics by Facebook

Free Basics by Facebook provides subscribers with free access to basic Internet services—connecting people who are otherwise unconnected.

Digicel has embraced this initiative, and is introducing Free Basics at multiple properties throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. To expedite service launches and ensure they work correctly, Digicel’s Free Basics deployments use a standardized API within Sandvine’s network policy control platform to connect directly to Facebook for service updates.

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Success Story: VivaCell-MTS Offers a Zero-Rated Perk

VivaCell-MTS has been using Sandvine’s subscriber services solutions since 2009 to help them achieve their commitment to provide innovative and quality services to Armenia’s subscribers.

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Success Story: Econet Knows Exactly How to Delight Their Customers

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe introduced fixed-price bundles that let subscribers use as much WhatsApp as they want per month, per week, and even per day. Subscribers can share photos, videos, voice notes, locations, and files on their favorite application—with no cost surprises.

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Popular Solutions for Mobile Operators

While our customers rely on us to satisfy a wide range of use cases across a number of solution areas, our mobile customers often focus on:

Business Intelligence

To learn how mobile users actually use the mobile network, to monitor their quality of experience for vital applications and services, and to examine aggregate trends to identify new service and optimization opportunities.

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Traffic Optimization

To maximize the quality of experience and increase network efficiency, and to get the most out of the radio access and backhaul networks by accelerating TCP, precisely managing network congestion, and enforcing fair use policies.

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Subscriber Services

To grow revenue with innovative and differentiated subscriber services that tap into real subscriber appetites.

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Of course, many of our mobile customers also implement our cyber security, subscriber engagement, and business services solutions—taking advantage of the full range of solutions available on our network policy control platform.

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