Millicom is a multi-national telecommunications operator that provides data services under the Tigo brand throughout fourteen markets in Africa and Latin America.

The Challenge

Many mobile users throughout Africa and Latin America remain on feature phones and don’t have data plans. Mobile operators in general are investigating ways to encourage upgrades to smartphones and adoption of mobile data plans, while accommodating the realities that much of the target demographic have relatively lower disposable income.

The Solution

Millicom have embraced a Digital Lifestyle strategy, in which they are providing compelling reasons (and value) for subscribers to adopt new technology and services.

Sandvine’s OutReach product plays an important role in the execution of this strategy.

Recognizing that penetration of debit and credit cards is very low in their markets—and that, as a consequence the markets’ subscribers are unable to access traditional app stores like Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play—Millicom introduced Smartapps, a Tigo-branded mobile service that gives customers easy access to premium content.

The solution bundles Tigo’s wide range of data packages together with high-value third-party services such as Deezer, Qello, Gameloft, Busuu, and many more.

Subscribers can easily register to these over-the-top (OTT) services, straight from the Tigo-branded app or via web and mobile internet. Uniquely, subscribers can then swap and tailor these services each month, as needs change.

Additionally, OTT providers benefit from Tigo’s market footprint and marketing efforts. This results in a winning combination that demonstrates how content and communications service providers can join efforts to create value for subscribers.

Success Story: Tigo Solves the OTT Dilemma with Smartapps

With Smartapps, powered by Sandvine OutReach, subscribers get access to subscription over-the-top (OTT) services and digital content that’s otherwise unavailable or difficult to acquire.

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Success Story: Tigo Debuts a new Netflix Original Hit

As over-the-top (OTT) services continue to grow in popularity, CSPs need to develop new and innovative offerings that are mutually beneficial and resonate with subscribers. Tigo has found an ideal partner in Netflix, and is offering a free three month subscription to the video streaming service. This partnership will enable both Tigo and Netflix to expand their customer base and demonstrates how CSPs and OTT services can work together to grow revenue.

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Fourteen markets throughout Africa and Latin America
Access Technologies
2G, 3G, LTE
Millicom provides data services to more than 50 million mobile subscribers, most of whom rely on prepaid packages.

"Our customers are switching to smartphones and want to use them to access as many services as possible. This partnership will make it easier for them to access all kinds of new content such as music streaming and sports apps. It’s a key part of our strategy to provide a digital lifestyle and promote stronger customer loyalty with valued services and attractive bundles."

David Gilarranz Berner
Global Head of Digital

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UPDATED : 2017-05-19 14:12:39