Your Network in Real-Time

Sandvine's solutions provide unparalleled real-time visibility into your campus network for quality assurance, planning, and prioritized services for students and faculty. Our use cases ensure that your network meets the expectations of your entire campus while minimizing cost and administration overhead. With students on the leading edge of video streaming (and piracy), cloud gaming, and social sharing, ensuring accurate classification of traffic in the era of encryption on campus networks is beyond the capability of existing solutions. Sandvine’s education use cases provide automated real-time management of network resources, ensuring mission critical applications receive the bandwidth they need and that network performance is monitored in real-time and historically with Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence Portal.

Solution Examples

End-to-end visibility, management, and monetization of video
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End-to-end visibility, management, and monetization of gaming
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End-to-end visibility, management, monetization of social sharing
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Network Performance Monitoring and Analysis
Monitor network performance and quality indicators
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Subscriber Service Analysis
Analyze subscribers and services to detect new trends
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Video QoE Analysis
Analyze user perception of video performance based on video-centric QoE metrics
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Gaming QoE Analysis
Analyze critical gaming QoE metrics
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VoIP and VoLTE QoE Analysis
Analyze the delivered QoE for high-value voice traffic
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Cyber Threat Analysis
Identify and quantify threats to users and network infrastructure
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Network Optimization

Fair Usage and Congestion Management
Precisely manage congestion, extend infrastructure, and protect QoE
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Video Streaming Management
Manage video bandwidth resolutions and deliver consistent streaming experiences
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Heavy User Management
Improve QoE by identifying and managing the network’s heaviest users
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Wholesale and Peering Link Management
Minimize costs and maximize QoE by precisely managing peering links
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Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT)
Mitigate IPv4 address exhaustion while maintaining network visibility
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Traffic Steering/Diversion
Intelligently redirect traffic and better allocate network resources
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Gaming QoE Management
Improve QoE to ensure low latency, high-performance gaming
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Cyber Threat Management
Protect the network and user QoE from cyber threats
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Revenue Generation

Usage-Based Services
Increase revenue by launching innovative service plans based on perceived value and user behavior
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Zero-Rating and Application-Based Plans
Increase revenue by offering plans with unlimited application and service usage
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Parental Control
Give peace of mind with content and application management for minors
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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Data Retention
Data logging to comply with telecommunication regulations
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Regulatory Traffic Management
Safety and security compliance for national networks
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Intent-Based Congestion Management
Manage congestion based on network QoE targets for applications
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Automated WiFi QoE Analysis
Accurately detect and troubleshoot WiFi issues
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