Established in 1990, GTT is the leading telecommunications provider in Guyana. With a subscriber base of over 280,000, GTT is delivering a strong digital experience to Guyana.

The Challenge

In 2015, the Government of Guyana and GTT wanted to provide Guyanese subscribers with access to essential websites (e.g., news, health, education, and government sites) at no cost to the subscriber. GTT also wanted to ensure that new websites and services could quickly and easily be added to ensure the free services continue to meet the evolving needs of subscribers in Guyana. 

The Solution

GTT selected Sandvine's network policy control platform to provide free 4G access to over 20 essential websites for every data capable phone, without the need for subscribers to have an active data plan on their account. Sandvine’s solution automatically detects the zero-rated services and offers end-to-end policy control and enforcement, so no custom work was required.

In addition, GTT is also using Sandvine to enable rollover data as well as zero-rating all Facebook and WhatsApp traffic on their daily, weekly, and monthly data plans. Data usage from Facebook and WhatsApp doesn't count against a subscriber’s data quota, and should a subscriber deplete their purchased data quota, GTT allows subscribers to continue to use unlimited amounts of WhatsApp and Facebook until the expiration date of the data plan they purchased. Alternatively, should a subscriber have remaining data quota on their plan when it expires, GTT’s rollover data feature allows subscribers to carry forward their unused data to the next data plan they purchase.

Success Story: GTT Gets Social with Facebook and WhatsApp

To stand out from the competition, GTT is laser-focused on increasing value for their customers. Case in point: GTT introduced an innovative bolt-on that provides free and unlimited access to Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Success Story: GTT Invites Everybody to Connect

As part of GTT’s Free Basic 4G Services, GTT offers free 4G Internet access to more than 20 local and international educational sites. This service enables Guyanese citizens to expand their access to knowledge and to discover the power of Internet connectivity.

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Success Story: GTT is on a Roll

As competition intensifies between communications service providers (CSPs), increasing customer loyalty is more important than ever. To address this challenge, GTT introduced an innovative new rollover data offering. Under this plan, any unused data is carried forward as long as the subscriber stays with GTT.

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"Sandvine has made it easy for us to rapidly enable innovative, free and commercial subscriber services that will help us meet our goal of fostering a better quality of life for all Guyanese."

Gert Post
Chief Commercial Officer

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