Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom is a leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of more than 55 million customers on one of the largest, most technologically-advanced and robust mobile, fixed line, and broadband networks in the Philippines.

The Challenge

Globe wanted to rapidly implement innovative subscriber service tiers, such as those based on popular Internet applications and services, as part of their ongoing mission to delight customers. This approach is highly disruptive to the traditional model that utilizes custom services to develop subscriber plans, with development and delivery occurring over several months and without any guarantee of success.

The Solution

Globe selected Sandvine’s network policy control platform, the Policy Traffic Switch, and related software to enable business intelligence, subscriber services, and traffic optimization use cases on both its fixed and mobile networks.

Globe also purchased Sandvine’s market-leading business intelligence products, including Network Analytics and the Record Generator feature. Record Generator offers Globe the ability to provide flexible data records for offline charging and for consumption by any big data system. Sandvine’s Network Analytics now features FlexPanels, which allows easy, flexible access to critical data. With full self-service data models, Globe can explore their network to solve problems and spot opportunities.

Access Technologies
Fixed, Mobile
Full service telecommunications company for consumers and businesses across mobile and fixed access technologies.

"To deliver superior customer experience, we needed advanced business intelligence capabilities critical for providing timely offers that are fully integrated and can be configured easily. Sandvine has a wealth of real-world references in Asia Pacific and other markets for enabling innovative services. This will help Globe continue to be a game changer in customer experience across its various customer segments,"

Ernest Cu
President and CEO

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