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Fixed Internet service can be delivered by a wide range of access technologies, both wired (e.g., Cable, DSL, Fiber) and wireless (e.g., Fixed Satellite, Fixed LTE, Fixed WiMAX), each of which evolves through versions and standards that push speeds ever higher.

"It was very important for us to supply a data service solution that would enhance the consumer’s viewing experience and we, together with Samsung, believe that our Fat Pipe ADSL product was the perfect match."

- Gary Sweidan, Executive Head of Products and Marketing, Vox Telecom

Over the years, we’ve worked with fixed access Internet providers of all access technologies. Plus, as converged access networks have become more common, our customers have taken advantage of our universal policy control solutions to ensure their policy control objectives are achieved on each and every access technology within their network.

Through it all, we’ve kept pace with evolving standards—in fact, we’ve achieved many world-firsts—and allowed our customers to preserve quality of experience on their legacy access networks while profitably transitioning to newer, faster technologies.

Whatever your fixed access technology, or combination of fixed access technologies, we’ve got the experience you can rely upon to achieve your business goals.

Success Story: Vox Telecom Sets the Gaming World on Fire

Gamers hotly anticipated the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, with many pre-ordering months in advance. Those who pre-ordered from Look & Listen, a local retailer, received a unique code; when entered into a Vox Telecom portal, this code instantly upgraded the gamers to Vox’s Wildfire ADSL service for a month and gave each 40 GB of free data.

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Success Story: Telecom Italia Elevates the Customer Experience

Telecom Italia is using data generated by Sandvine’s Business Intelligence solutions to generate key performance indicators (KPIs) for their fixed and mobile networks in Italy.

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Success Story: Comcast Gives Everyone a Fair Share of Bandwidth

We all know the story: traffic volumes are exploding, largely driven by over-the-top video services. As one of the world’s largest Internet providers, and operating in a market with mature video services, Comcast faces this challenge more than most.

To protect subscriber quality of experience while delivering ever-increasing amounts of traffic, Comcast relies on Sandvine’s congestion management capabilities.

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Popular Solutions for Fixed Operators

While our customers rely on us to satisfy a wide range of use cases across a number of solution areas, our fixed customers often focus on:

Business Intelligence

To learn how customers actually use the fixed network, to monitor their quality of experience for vital applications and services, to explore device trends (even looking ‘behind’ the NAT), and to examine aggregate trends to identify new service and optimization opportunities.

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Traffic Optimization

To maximize the quality of experience and increase network efficiency, and to get the most out of the network by accelerating TCP, precisely managing network congestion, and enforcing fair use policies.

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Cyber Security

To protect the network’s ability to deliver a high quality of experience, and to protect the network’s users from a wide range of online threats.

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Of course, many of our fixed customers also implement our subscriber engagement, subscriber services, and business services solutions—taking advantage of the full range of solutions available on our network policy control platform.

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