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Since launching services in 1998, Econet has developed a well-earned reputation as a first-mover and innovator. In 2009, Econet became the first operator in Zimbabwe to launch 3G services; later, Econet launched Zimbabwe’s first LTE network.

On those networks, Econet launched a wide range of products and services to serve the people of Zimbabwe.

This commitment to innovation has paid off: today, Econet is the country's largest mobile operator, serving more than 9 million users (as of 2014) on a converged network offering 2G, 3G, and LTE coverage.

The Challenge

Zimbabwe’s GDP per capita is less than $1000 USD per year (2013), so Econet’s customers are careful about how they spend their money. It is no surprise, then, that the vast majority of Econet’s subscribers use a prepaid model.

Additionally, subscribers in Zimbabwe (as in many regions) think more in terms of applications and services than in gigabytes and megabytes. Fearing running out of data, many users are reluctant to use their mobile services for non-necessities.

Finally, many people in Zimbabwe couldn't afford even the basic mobile plans, while others just didn't think that they needed data at all.

Econet needed to find a way to provide affordable service plans that tapped into subscriber demand for popular applications and services.

The Solution

Using Sandvine’s business intelligence solutions, Econet studied customer usage and identified the most popular applications and services. Next, using our integrated real-time online charging and accurate traffic classification, Econet launched application-based plans—first with Facebook, and then with WhatsApp.

These bundles offer unlimited usage of a particular application for a very affordable cost, and provided a great way for new users to get introduced to mobile data. Importantly, Econet became the first operator in Zimbabwe to offer these plans, and gained a valuable advantage over competitors.

Success Story: Econet Knows Exactly How to Delight Their Customers

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe introduced fixed-price bundles that let subscribers use as much WhatsApp as they want per month, per week, and even per day. Subscribers can share photos, videos, voice notes, locations, and files on their favorite application—with no cost surprises.

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Success Story: Econet's Facebook Experiment Pays Off

In October 2013, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe introduced fixed-price bundles that let subscribers enjoy unlimited Facebook use, purchased by the week or by the month.

Originally launched as an experimental pilot, these Facebook plans were so successful that they set the stage for similar bundles, including unlimited WhatsApp.

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Success Story: Econet Goes to the Opera

Following the success of their Unlimited Facebook and Unlimited WhatsApp bundles, in October 2014, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe added Opera Mini packages to their impressive list of services.

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Success Story: Econet Eradicates Barriers to Digital Education

As part of EcoSchool—a digital education platform—Econet Wireless Zimbabwe offers free Internet access to worldclass education content for all Econet broadband users in Zimbabwe. Econet Zero is yet another service that helps Econet stand out from the competition.

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2G, 3G, LTE
Econet Zimbabwe provides voice and data services to more than 9 million mobile users. The vast majority of data users are prepaid.

"Sandvine’s leading business intelligence and service innovation capabilities enable us to better understand emerging trends on our network and rapidly introduce new, innovative services that are highly-valued by our customers."

Leon de Fleuriot
General Manager: Products and Services
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

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