Digicel Group is a total communications and entertainment provider with operations in more than 30 markets in the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia Pacific.

The Challenge

Digicel is renowned for delivering best value, best service, and best network. Over the years, they have skillfully executed on a strategy to move into a new market and then out-innovate the incumbent with new subscriber services.

Digicel’s biggest challenge is not the competition—it’s the slow pace of service definition and deployment forced upon operators by traditional tools and billing systems.

The Solution

For Digicel to move quickly to define and launch differentiated subscriber services, they needed the right solutions.

Sandvine’s unified Policy Engine and access-agnostic policy controller lets Digicel rapidly define and deploy new services, with advanced features, without needing to spend time integrating systems from multiple vendors.

In addition to the Sandvine Policy Engine, Digcel also relies on some other products:

  • Network Analytics provides insight into the ever-changing usage patterns of Digicel’s subscribers
  • Record Generator delivers multiple types of records in a single deployment, allowing Digicel to tailor the level of data aggregation they desire for each use case (one of which is seamless usage reconciliation with their online charging system)
  • OutReach informs subscribers of new promotions and, more importantly, their usage in real-time—so subscribers never have to worry about experiencing bill shock

Additionally, Digicel will also be using the Sandvine Virtual Series so that they can develop and test their virtualization strategy; virtualization promises to enable even more affordable deployments as Digicel continues to expand into regions previously unserved by mobile coverage.

Success Story: Digicel Wireless Gives a Lesson in Being the Best

Sandvine plays a key part in Digicel’s commitment to deliver their subscribers the best value, the best service, and the best network possible. Digicel’s ability to quickly launch new services ensures that their subscribers have access to the most innovative service plans in the world and keeps them one step ahead of their competitors.

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Success Story: Digicel Wireless Delivers Free Basics by Facebook

Free Basics by Facebook provides subscribers with free access to basic Internet services—connecting people who are otherwise unconnected.

Digicel has embraced this initiative, and is introducing Free Basics at multiple properties throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. To expedite service launches and ensure they work correctly, Digicel’s Free Basics deployments use a standardized API within Sandvine’s network policy control platform to connect directly to Facebook for service updates.

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More than 30 markets in the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia Pacific
Access Technologies
3G, 4G, FTTx
Prepaid and postpaid mobile data serving more than 13 million users.

"Our ability to take data gathered from Sandvine’s business intelligence products and then use its unified policy engine to immediately create, deploy, and promote new service plans is something we could not do with any other vendor."

Razvan Ungunreanu
Digicel Caribbean and Central America

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UPDATED : 2017-05-19 14:14:15