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Founded in 1988, C Spire is a diversified telecommunications and technology services company. The Ridgeland, Mississippi-based firm operates the nation’s largest privately held 4G LTE wireless communications network with over 1,600 cell sites providing wireless services and premier mobile communications to consumers and businesses in four states.

The Challenge

In the USA, mobile data penetration is extremely high, with many smartphone owners using their device's browser to access the mobile Internet. This exposure presents a challenge for parents and businesses who want to protect children and employees from accessing adult content.

C Spire looked to offer a service that helps subscribers block inappropriate access to questionable content.

The Solution

In 2013, C Spire began to offer free adult content filter options so that customers could better manage access and the overall experience on their wireless devices.

This opt-in service was enabled by Sandvine’s traffic redirection technology—in this case, the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) redirects web traffic to a value-added service provided by our content filtering partner.

The filtering service, which is available for every line on a C Spire account, blocks access to Internet content identified as being adult in nature and redirects the device’s browser to a webpage with a message indicating that user access to the content has been denied.

Success Story: C Spire Wireless Adds More Value to Their Wireless Services

In 2013, C Spire began to offer free adult content filtering as a value-add so that customers could better manage access on their wireless devices. This opt-in service is enabled by Sandvine’s patented traffic redirection technology.

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Mississippi, USA
Access Technologies
3G, LTE, Fiber
C Spire provides wireless communications through its 4G LTE network.

"Having policy decision-making distributed at multiple points of presence—an ability unique to Sandvine—gives us the flexibility and reliability to deploy a variety of over-the-top services our customers care about."

Charles D. Watson II
Director, Technical Infrastructure
C Spire

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