Channel Partner Program

Sandvine & You: The Ideal Partnership

Thanks to our valued partnerships across the globe, we at Sandvine are able to extend our reach across a customer base of more than 300 operators.  

With established channels in the Americas, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, together we deliver innovation in network policy control.  

We continue to attract regional partners with strong ties to their respective business communities, as well as integrators. It is only through channel partnerships that Sandvine’s customer support can be expanded to meet the needs of unique geographies and hence we continue to invest in our channel partner program.

What Can You Gain from Sandvine's Channel Partner Program? 

Specialized Training, Resources & Incentives

Sandvine’s partner program offers you the tools to win new business, develop existing accounts, offer services, and generate a deeper level of technical competency within your organization. 

Communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide are increasing their investment in network policy control solutions, driven by a myriad of use cases. Our channel partner program is designed to guide you through a progression of training courses that drives an increased proficiency to sell Sandvine, offer implementation services, and an opportunity for you to receive accreditation for delivering increasing levels of direct customer support to build lasting customer relationships. 

Through participation in Sandvine’s channel partner program, you will gain product training, receive access to sales and marketing materials, incentives, and in more advanced tiers of the program, the skills to independently deploy and maintain advanced solutions. 

The program consists of partner tiers—Authorized, Select, and Premier—which offer various benefits reflecting a mutual investment in our partnership.  

Sandvine Partner Tiers

Benefits of the Program

Authorized partners form the back-bone of our channel partner ecosystem and are licensed to resell Sandvine products and services within specified regions. As an authorized partner you receive: access to Sandvine's Partner Portal which provides access to a full library of sales and marketing collateral, discounts, and training incentives to help progress into the next tier.

Select partners develop a solid competency in network policy technology to promote Sandvine solutions in a service provider network and provide basic support for commercial deployments. As a select partner you receive: access to Sandvine's Partner Portal, increasing discounts, performance incentives, and more.

Premier partners develop a strong technical expertise, and the skills to provide deeper post-sales support. As a premier partner you receive: access to Sandvine's Partner portal, increasing discounts, various incentives, opportunities for joint marketing collaboration, and the opportunity to provide delivery services.




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