Sandvine Company History

The Sandvine story began in June 2001 in Waterloo, Ontario, a thriving technology hub an hour West of Toronto. In 2007, the Intelligent Community Forum named Waterloo as the World’s Top Intelligent Community with prosperity rooted in broadband and information technology, and supported by world-class educational institutions, including the renowned University of Waterloo. Because of this solid base and a culture of learning, the community now boasts a tech cluster of over 1,000 companies.

Thanks to its own proud history of innovation, Sandvine has been repeatedly identified as the global leader in Network Policy Control. For key milestones in Sandvine’s history, including some of our industry firsts, unique innovations, company milestones, and notable accomplishments, view the timeline below.

UPDATED : 2017-03-14 10:43:49