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An Ongoing Tale of Innovation

The Sandvine story began in June 2001 in Waterloo, Ontario, a thriving technology hub an hour West of Toronto. In 2007, the Intelligent Community Forum named Waterloo as the World’s Top Intelligent Community with prosperity rooted in broadband and information technology, and supported by world-class educational institutions, including the renowned University of Waterloo. Because of this solid base and a culture of learning, the community now boasts a tech cluster of over 1,000 companies.

Thanks to its own proud history of innovation, Sandvine has been repeatedly identified as the global leader in Network Policy Control. As recently as June 2016, IHS Technology again named Sandvine the market share leader.

For key milestones in Sandvine’s history, click below.


  • Cisco buys PixStream, Sandvine’s founders’ predecessor company, for a half-billion dollars. The founders leave Cisco to launch Sandvine


  • Sandvine introduces 1 Gbps Network Policy Control solution, the Policy Traffic Switch 8200, to the market
  • Launched a Traffic Optimization product, and started dominating that market in North America
  • Launched Global Internet Phenomena Program, identifying P2P File-sharing as 60% of Internet traffic


  • Won first customer


  • Entered cyber security market


  • Went public on TSX
  • Launched the world’s First 10 GE Network Policy Control platform, the PTS 14000


  • Purchased CableMatrix, a key part of the Sandvine’s current standards-compliant Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) for any fixed, mobile, or converged network


  • Enabled the world’s first commercial “Unlimited Social Networking” subscriber plan, establishing Sandvine as a leader in Subscriber Services, now the biggest part of the business


  • Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Program revealed that Netflix accounts for more than 20% of Internet traffic in North America
  • Launched Subscriber Engagement capabilities and Network Analytics, still the most comprehensive Business Intelligence product designed specifically for CSPs


  • Hit $100 million in revenue
  • Updated its Service Delivery Engine as a 3GPP Release 11-compliant PCRF


  • Launched the world’s first 2RU 100GE Network Policy Control platform, the PTS 32000
  • Debuted the world’s first virtualized Network Policy Control deployment


  • Acquired Momac BV to enhance Sandvine OutReach for truly personalized, multi-channel, real-time Subscriber Engagement across all networks and devices


  • Acquired Teclo AG to launch TCP Accelerator, a key part of the Traffic Optimization portfolio
  • Initiated quarterly dividend for shareholders

The Leader in Network Policy Control

Sandvine’s solutions create intelligent broadband networks by analyzing Internet traffic at a detailed level and applying actions in real-time to all traffic (through network policies) to improve the Internet experience in a variety of ways. Our solutions help CSPs:

  • Understand network traffic by application, device, subscriber groups, access technology, and many other factors in the network environment, to support better business decisions
  • Manage and optimize the delivery of network traffic to extend network life and improve subscriber quality of experience
  • Protect the network and its users from a wide variety of cyber threats
  • Launch innovative subscriber services to develop new revenue streams and create meaningful competitive differentiation
  • Engage and communicate with subscribers in real-time with relevant, helpful information that reduces customer churn and increases ARPU
  • Offer new services to business customers that can help them view, control, and protect their own network traffic, and create new revenue streams for the CSP

Global Company Serving Customers Globally

Just as Sandvine has grown into a global company—with research and development centres in Waterloo, India, Amsterdam, and Switzerland—our customer base now includes over 300 CSPs in over 100 countries around the world. Our products have helped Tier-1 network operators globally, including Comcast, the Telefonica Group, the Digicel Group, Telecom Italia, SMART Communications, and many others.

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