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We have a surprise for you leading up to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – a Mobile Internet Phenomena Report!

We will be releasing the report on Monday, February 18th, but I wanted to build a little bit of hype before we set it free into the wild. As with other Phenomena reports, there are always some fascinating nuggets of information that jump out at me as I pan through the mass of data, looking for the bits of gold (wow, a mining analogy for data, how original of me!).

The app that I wanted to start the discussion with for the Mobile Report isn't in the top 10 worldwide; it is in a few of the regional top 10 lists (APAC and Middle East). With that said, it is #11 worldwide, just barely missing the top 10 list...this time. 

TikTok Graphic copyThat app is TikTok, one of the fast rising stars in social networking/video sharing on the internet. There have been a number of recent reports on the growing popularity of TikTok, from the acquisition of 75M users in December to the passing of Instagram in App Store downloads.

I downloaded the app to try it out, and what immediately struck me from a network point of view is the auto-play of video. The moment you launch the application on your iPad, it starts to play whatever video is on your screen immediately. When you scroll down, it starts to play the next video, and the screen is always moving for each video. What this translates to is the use of a lot of bandwidth anytime it can use it to engage the user.

The app is gaining a lot of steam in the market, and I'll anoint it "one to watch" for future Phenomena reports.

I will do a few more spotlights leading up to the release of the report on Monday!


If you are interested in the Mobile Internet Phenomena Report, we will have two webinars on the report data:

Wednesday, February 20: 10am Eastern Time (For Americas and Europe)

Wednesday, February 20: 9pm Eastern Time (For Asia Pacific)

The full report will be released on Monday, February 10th on



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