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Veroljub Mihajlovic
By Veroljub Mihajlovic
March 6, 2019

Networks today are more complex than ever before. User expectations are higher than they have ever been. But most network operators lack the right visibility into what is happening on their network to determine how they are really performing from the perspective of the user, and if their investment is paying off.

Network operators need clear answers to difficult questions to ensure that they are getting a return on their investment:

  • Are we delivering a better customer experience?
  • Have our investments delivered to expectation?
  • What services do our customers care about?
  • Do our service plans match what our customers are looking to purchase?

Answers to complex business questions require context, understanding of the customer, and how your network is delivering services. Without the right network intelligence solution in place to help manage and organize information, network operational data is noisy and requires processing to be effectively used for strategic decision making.

Deep Insights is purpose-built for operator business intelligence

Sandvine is the industry leader in providing network intelligence solutions that provide operators with highly granular and exceptionally valuable data organized by use case, all visualized and explored with Deep Insights.  

Deep Insights is Sandvine’s new, use case-based, business intelligence visualization engine. It is built to enable teams to rapidly understand problems and provide answers to today’s most pressing network operational and business-related questions.

Uniquely use case-based

Deep Insights is distinctively powerful because it is use case-specific. Operators deploy use cases to solve specific sets of problems, so we’ve developed Deep Insights to answer the specific operational and business questions associated with any given Sandvine use case. Use case service delivery and value are measured and characterized by specific sets of dashboards purpose-built for specific use cases.

Location Dist

Think analytically, act strategically

Operators have network and service challenges that are unlike those of any other industry. Operator scale, business complexity, and diversity of services and customers require extreme precision and detail as well as rapid responses to business-critical questions. Deep Insights turns granular data into business-ready insight.    

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