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We are so jaded by new, over-hyped "opportunities" that we sometimes don't recognize when new ideas do begin to work. The monetization of subscriber data is one area where providers are starting to get traction.

Service provider business leaders understand that traditional services will not fuel future growth. So leading providers are now placing their bets on a wide array of strategic directions. One widely initiated approach is in their efforts to turn subscriber data into "make money" opportunities. Industry leaders like Verizon, Telefonica, and Singtel have all taken significant steps forward with their customer data.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, "Verizon Wants to Build an Advertising Juggernaut. It Needs your Data First", we learn that Verizon is already making $7B a year through digital advertising and that they have begun a new loyalty program called "VerizonUp" in which they give rewards to subscribers in exchange for access to subscriber data. Telefonica and Singtel are two more leaders that are making significant efforts to turn subscriber data into a digital advertising based a revenue stream.

And why wouldn't providers take digital advertising very seriously, considering that in 2016 Facebook and Google made a combined $51B in digital advertising revenue in the US alone? And the digital advertising direction is a big one, but not the only way that providers are monetizing subscriber data. Other approaches include upsell and cross-sell activities, digital billboards, location specific advertising partnerships, data sponsorships at for online content or for public WiFi access, and more.

Data from Sandvine Network Intelligence software delivers a wealth of subscriber insight and more opportunities for providers to monetize their subscriber data. Here are two related demos showing how our analytical tools provide more Subscriber Intelligence.

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