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If you are like me and stranded in the snowstorm that is being called Juno, you may be watching online video. I just looked around and realized that besides me, everyone in my family is currently watching online video. I am diligently working (writing this blog now, but it is a living!)

My wife is watching “The Interview” on Netflix, one son is watching “The Man in the High Castle” (an Amazon Prime pilot) and my other son is watching videos on YouTube (in his case actually listening to them as he plays computer games). How does this look on my network?

The YouTube is on a mobile device, Amazon Prime is on a PS4, and oddly enough Netflix is on an Amazon Fire Stick. The speeds for the streaming video vary from moment to moment (as the cache on devices builds up), but my house is utilizing my FTTH connection pretty well right now (I have a 20M connection).

I was curious, and did a quick look at a few other networks on the East Coast, and saw that streaming media was up 15% over a normal Tuesday. Although that may not sound like much, that is 10s of Gbps on larger networks (think cable and FTTH) anywhere affected by the storm.

Winter is Coming (of course I had to throw a Game of Thrones reference in a Streaming Video blog!) – and it will be streamed live.

Topics: Analytics in Motion, Netflix, AmazonPrime, YouTube