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Today Procera announced the addition of a new member to the already impressive PacketLogic analytics and policy enforcement product lineup. The new PL9420 raises the performance bar once again by delivering up to 120G of throughput in a single 2RU appliance.  Read the full press release here: PL9420 Press Release.

The PL9420 provides a solid migration path for existing customers who need to increase the amount of bandwidth supported by their existing policy enforcement infrastructure in order to stay ahead of the ever growing bandwidth demands of their always connected subscribers.  The platform shares the same family of I/O modules as the PL7000 and PL8000, simplifying sparing and operations for mixed deployment environments, allowing existing customers to easily implement this new solution.

To maintain the best subscriber experience possible, it is extremely important that customers are able to keep up with the rapid changes occurring on their networks. The PL9420 ensures that this is possible. The increasing number of always-on applications on both fixed and mobile networks require a unit that can keep up. The PL9420 platform supports up to 30M connections at a setup rate of 500 000 connection per second which means that it can meet this growing demand. 

Procera’s goal is to always provide their customers with ways to increase subscriber quality of experience and quality of service. The PL9420 platform is the next step for many customers on this path. By introducing new platforms like this one, we hope to continue assisting our customers in planning for the ever-changing future of network traffic.

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