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One of my favorite things to do is talk to customers and learn what their concerns are for the future. Increasingly, the topic of how to make virtualization deployable faster is near the top of service provider's list of issues that they want to talk to Procera about. Although this happenned back in May, I wanted to highlight and refresh the topic since I keep gettign asked about it by customers that I meet with. Steve Saunders talked about automation and virtualization in his keynote speech titled "Order from Chaos" (watch here). The key stat that he reports on is around the top issues for service providers (article here):

"The key point is that service providers prize process automation above other elements of transformation. Asked to name the three most important aspects of digital transformation, 143 of the 150 carriers and service providers surveyed named process automation."


That is a powerful statement. And Steve continues to not only talk about issues, he also acts on them. At BCE, a number of vendors (including Procera) conducted the first multivendor NFV orchestration test (report here). We think this is a big deal, as it signals to network operators that automation is not just a dream, but that they can work closely with vendors to push the frontier forward and take their first steps toward the future. If you combine this with the performance report that we published earlier this year ("Procera pushes NFV performance with 100GE and 1.8Tbps throughput"), you now have something that can solve a number of critical use cases for operators as they move to NFV (like this onefor example). 

What concerns do you have around virtualization and orchestration? Let us know and we will be happy to help

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