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The Mirai Botnet attacks in late 2016 gave us a real world view into the massive threat posed by the proliferation of unsecure IoT devices. Over the course of several attacks, hundreds of thousands of IoT devices were high-jacked to silence a popular Internet security website, take millions of Internet users offline by flooding DYN DNS servers, and to bring the country of Liberia’s communication network to its knees. (

Now, enterprising hackers are even offering “Mirai as a service” for a fee (as shown below)


Network service providers were rightly shaken by these events and redoubled efforts to better safeguard their networks. Yet the challenges are daunting—as tens of billions of new IoT devices come on line, broadband becomes available for so many, and IoT device based hackers use ever more sophisticated approaches.

Providers know that attacks will continue and that counter measures must be put in place that can evolve with the changing threat landscape. Procera has a powerful set of unique and intelligent solutions to safeguard provider networks. We use a combination of subscriber, application, device and location awareness and real-time behavioral and traffic analysis to monitor, adapt, and act against IoT threats.

As a case in point, we helped close IoT-based vulnerabilities for one service provider with a managed service solution that employed a custom combination of security signatures, malware filtering, and real-time decisioning to identify, trigger, and block traffic exhibiting abnormal usage patterns. And we are seeing an increasing demand for mitigating IoT based threats.

Stay tuned. We’ll provide more details as these threats and our responses evolve.

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