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Cam Cullen

MWC was a great event. We're seeing the maturation of a lot of technologies that people have been talking about: NFV, internet of things, 5G is coming up. We're seeing a lot of things people are talking about turn into reality. We had a lot of announcements in the area of NFV. We're taking that technology and turning it into an operational solution for customers and we think that will pay big dividends in helping improve the subscriber experience, because now the technology can be more easily deployed. We've also been doing a lot with our customer care solutions, and we now have the ability to support the operator all the way from helping a single person to building up their entire network. That range of products, from our RAN solution to our video, to our analytics, will actually help operators meet the goal of having a better subscriber experience for their users.

Procera's own Cam Cullen expresses his thoughts on MWC 2015 in Barcelona. Highlights from the event were NFV, Internet Of Things, and the rise of 5G. Read more about Procera at MWC in this blog

Topics: What We're Up To, NFV, Network Functions Virtualization, Mobile World Congress