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Some of the greatest achievements we recognize in business seem to stem from those simple lessons we learned as a child. I remember as a boy my father would always remind me that “…anything worth doing is worth doing right!” It didn’t matter whether it was school, sports, or just life in general he would always remind me of this simple, yet important, wisdom. As I reflect on my career, I can’t recall many times when those words didn’t ring true – regardless of the situation. 

Procera's NFV journey began 18 months ago, when a small team of our fearless engineers took the first tentative step – trying to make an intensely high performance data-plane application run in a hypervisor. At the time some thought it could never be done with any reasonable level of performance, and if I’m completely honest, I had my fair share of doubts as well. 

We knew when we started this journey there was only one acceptable outcome: To make NFV real for Procera's PacketLogic technology. NFV is a reality for our customers. Our customers are choosing the path of network virtualization and we knew the only way to continue earning our customers’ respect and business would be by delivering uncompromising performance and feature capabilities in our PacketLogic products regardless whether they are deployed as hardware, software, or as a virtualized network function.  In short, it was worth doing and we had to do it right! That was the promise we made to our customers.

This week is an important week for Procera in NFV and for our customers. 

First, we announced performance validation of our PacketLogic technology deployed in a virtual machine environment running at 150Gbit/s. This was important for Procera because it fulfilled one of our core promises to our customers: uncompromising performance delivered in software. This now opens new deployment models and opportunities for our customers to leverage PacketLogic on COTS server technology. It also was important to the NFV community as it demonstrated that high performance data plane applications can be virtualized and still achieve bare-metal performance, without hardware or hardware acceleration dependencies.

Second, we announced our first global NFV vCPE deployment with Boingo Wireless, demonstrating to the NFV community and to our customers that NFV is real, and is moving from Proof of Concept (PoC) to production environments. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to listen to Derek Peterson, Boingo's CTO, speak about Boingo’s virtualization strategy. As he spoke, I realized the full impact of our NFV accomplishments. For Boingo virtualization isn’t about technology, it’s about fundamentally transforming their business model and how they deliver services to their customers. For Boingo, NFV is not only real, it is the enabler of their transformation.

Finally, this week we announced the Procera Alliances Program aimed at helping our partners create and deliver NFV-enabled solutions to our clients. Through this program we’re providing partners with access to our technology, resources, and solutions to help accelerate the time to create and deliver innovative solutions together. 

As I pack my bags for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I’m excited to visit with our customers and partners to explore how we can further work together to make NFV real.

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