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The regulatory environment is changing and so are the methods used by regulators and operators to validate, enforce, respond, and comply with requirements. Operators worldwide have been phenomenally successful in delivering access and encouraging technology adoption. So much so that broad, dependable, and secure telecommunication and Internet access have become part of the very fabric of global economic and social development efforts. Policy makers have had to reconsider the management of their communication resources as telecommunications have become so critical to regional and national interests and goals.

We at Procera are witnessing two major shifts in the compliance space. First, we are seeing regulators expand their focus from ensuring greater telecommunication access for all to ensuring greater access to higher quality services for all. Second, we see operators looking for compliance solutions that provide more overall value to their businesses at large. That is, operators want compliance solutions to be multipurpose to comply with more regulations and/or to help them meet other business objectives as well.

We are addressing these shifting market dynamics with the launch of our new service provider compliance solution set. Our solution set includes four new compliance use cases:

  • ScoreCard QoE monitoring: helping telecom operators and regulators to monitor the quality of broadband services delivered by fixed, mobile, and Wi-Fi operators.
  • Regulatory traffic blocking: Using Procera’s network intelligence technology to restrict traffic from unauthorized applications for security or safety regulations.
  • Data retention: Tools to help operators drastically reduce storage requirements through the selective retention of broadband data based on government regulations.
  • URL filtering: Blocking illegal content through URL blacklists and categories, taking advantage of regulatory lists like the Internet Watch Foundation blacklist.

The ScoreCard quality of experience use case addresses the emerging regulator interest in monitoring quality by providing the detailed measurements required to track the quality of service that subscribers experience. ScoreCard has been deployed by both regulators and operators.

The service provider compliance solution set offers the additional value that operators now require. Based on the Procera’s PacketLogic, all four use cases run on Procera’s multipurpose platform and can be run in conjunction with each other or simultaneously with any of our more than one hundred network intelligence use cases. The solution set can be deployed on purpose-built Procera systems or on VMs within virtualized environments.

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