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I mentioned IoT in my MWC 2017 blog, and I wanted to follow that up with a quick peek at some analytics on some of the higher profile consumer IoT devices - both of which have multiple instances on my home network ;-).

First - let's check out Fitbit. Some people love Fitbit, some people hate it! I recently achieved the Great Wall lifetime badge (5500 miles) and am fast approaching the Russian Railway. Often when we think about devices like Fitbit, we think that the impact on the network is small (which individually they are), but millions of devices add up. Fitbit is interesting because of the love/hate relationship with fitness trackers in general - they are purchased, and then they stop being used by the consumer after disillusionment sets in. How has Fitbit traffic trended over the past 6 months or so? Here is a worldwide view (numbers removed to show trends rather than absolute stats). 


The graph shows two interesting trends that I wanted to explore more (besides the slow overall decline in usage on the network). 

Dip in connections: This occurred in November, and it was a massive dip in the number of connections that we saw on the network. Interestingly enough, this happened to co-incide with a collection of software updates that Fitibit released. And although the number of connections dropped, the bandwidth usage did not change significantly, indicating the connections were more infrequent, but the data exhanged was about the same.

Spike in Downstream Bandwidth: This occured in January, and is not accompanied by a signficant change in the number of connections or upstream bandwidth. If I were to make an educated guess, this wold be people making New Year's resolutions and checking their Fitbit dashboard more frequently - which also starts to drop as the year progresses already!

The next IoT device is another one that is growing in popularity - the Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest is now owned by Alphabet, and I have two in my house. Does the network show that Nest is gaining users? Let's check it out:


The worldwide data supports the growth in usage for Nest, and shows a signficant spike in the New Year as people installed their Nest that they received for Christmas. The Nest graph is exactly what you would expect for an IoT device that is installed and left alone - with bandwidth consumption slowly growing as the installed base grows.

This was just a quick look at consumer IoT trends, I will keep coming back to this topic throughout the year, since acquiring devices like this is a hobby of mine! If you are at Mobile World Congress next week, stop by and say hello to Procera in Hall 7, Booth E21.

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Topics: IoT, Nest, Fitbit