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Hungry for Broadband?

How many of you study the nutrition labels on food to understand what you are getting when you eat? If you are on a diet, you may be budgeting calories and want to know exactly what you are going to get from that burger, cookie, or salad. Wouldn’t having the same type of information, albeit in broadband consumption terms - throughput, latency, and packet loss - available for your broadband connections?

Well, the FCC thinks that you should, and they have announced an initiative in a recent news release…and created some examples - one for a mobile broadband connection and one for a fixed connection:

Check out this ScoreCard video to learn how to reveal your network score

As a consumer, I think this is a great initiative. It delivers on the advertised goal of transparency from network operators on the services that they are actually delivering. It re-enforces the aspects of the FCC’s Network Neutrality order requiring operators to report metrics like bandwidth, latency, and packet loss to consumers to help make the right choice for what they need from their broadband service.

Sometimes for consumers, the question is - What do those numbers mean?

“I am a gamer - Are those numbers good for gaming?"

"What about Streaming Video – I love my Netflix!”

We have a solution called ScoreCard that can help operators measure these key FCC metrics as well as help consumers understand how their service is actually being delivered to subscribers. ScoreCard does not sample traffic on the network, or generate active traffic to simulate subscriber traffic – it measures the actual traffic from the subscriber and how the network is delivering the service to the subscriber. It also measures it all the time, and the ratings that we show are the metrics at peak usage time (but we actually score the network all the time – helping the operator understand how their service delivery changes over the day). This metric can be drilled down into determine how specific subscribers are being serviced, specific locations, service plans, devices, and many other perspectives.

So if you are a service provider and are concerned about measuring your network’s real service delivery for subscribers, and you may be affected by the FCC’s or the EU’s requirements for measuring your network’s performance – contact us – we can help.

Check out this ScoreCard video to learn how to reveal your network score

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