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Elina Edefalk
By Elina Edefalk
November 15, 2017

In an industry - and possibly world - first, Sandvine has demonstrated the use of a portion of the actual SOL-002 protocol as defined by ETSI NFV.

It is no secret that while ETSI is struggling to keep up with NFV development, vendors are plugging the gaps with home grown protocols and proprietary solutions. This may be leading the industry to multiple disparate standards, rather than a common solution.

By being first to market on the interfaces exactly as defined in the protocol specs, Sandvine is strongly backing ETSI.

“Operators and vendors have everything to lose by going off in different directions. ETSI NFV may not be perfect, but it is what we have” says Alexander Haväng, CTO of Sandvine.

The SOL-002 interface is a critical piece of an automated NFV solution. This REST-based protocol, released in august this year, is used by a VNF to send load and health information, referred to as indicators, to the MANO layer. The MANO layer can then decide to heal or scale-out the VNF depending on these indicators.

Since the release of this protocol in August of this year, it has not been implemented successfully by any vendor until now. Sandvine is looking forward to the challenging work ahead as we lead the way toward a functioning industry standard.

For more information on the SOL-002 protocol;


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