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Sandvine helps organizations engineer and operate world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence., but when we say “Active Network Intelligence,” what exactly do we mean?

Gartner defines “network intelligence” as “an enabling technology that allows communications service providers (CSPs) to capture subscriber-, service- and application-level awareness contained in network traffic. This information is analyzed and exposed for integration with other applications in the back office, allowing CSPs to apply granular policies to influence customer experience and adapt to dynamic shifts in application and service usage. The solution is based on nonproprietary hardware and software platforms and can be used by CSPs on any network."

So while there is no shortage of vendors who attempt to provide this functionality to service providers, Sandvine doesn't think that the current market for Network Intelligence goes far enough.

Sandvine sees our unique value is being able to close the loop between identifying issues and the actions taken to rectify network issues, connecting the "capture" in Gartner's definition to the "apply policies" portion of the definition. Unlike other passive solutions on the market, Sandvine's Active Network Intelligence sits in-line on the network, and continually identifes and reacts to changing network and user behavior to improve network performance.



Sandvine’s Active Network Intelligence solution is composed of four key technology components:

  • Visibility: Combining control plane, data plane, and user metadata to provide comprehensive traffic visibility
  • Identification: Classifiying traffic as voice, video, data; distinct by application; and detecting the device type for accurate and granular traffic identification
  • Behavior: Understanding the changes at the network, user, and service level to determine the traffic behavior
  • Action: Block, manage, modify, monetize, or steer traffic based on the desired network service level actions.

For network operators who choose Sandvine, this means they can deploy a single platform that uses Active Network Intelligence and its four key technology components to solve a number of pain points in their network. These include:

  • Analytics and Insights: Taking the guesswork out of managing a network, allowing operators to make decisions based on facts, rather than assumptions and guesses
  • Network Optimization: Helping contain costs, preserve the quality of experience, and improve efficiency, with intelligent network optimization
  • Network Security: Protecting networks and its users from online threats
  • Regulatory Compliance: Keeping up with changing network operator regulations, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Revenue Assurance: Getting paid fairly for the data and services the network delivers
  • Revenue Generation: Growing revenue by rapidly deploying innovative services that customers want

At Sandvine, data visibility and accuracy are core building blocks for delivering value to our customers, and with most network operators under profitability pressure, we believe that an active approach to network intelligence is essential for operators wanting to increase profitability in 2018 and beyond.

With the launch of our new website this week we are excited to finally be able to share our Active Network Intelligence vision with our customers, and in the coming weeks and months, we will share much more on this topic on our blog.